Williams, AZ – The Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic participants pulled into town as Williams, Arizona once again became the meeting hub for this spectacular gathering of vintage Datsuns. On Saturday, October 6, 2012, sixty Datsuns from six states and one from Mexico lined Historic Route 66, the main entryway into Williams, also known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Many of these Datsuns pulled in on Friday preparing for the Friday night Meet & Greet at the Wild West Junction. The Branding Iron Restaurant located at the Wild West Junction served some of the best food in the west! The owner of the Wild West Junction (also the Mayor of Williams), John Moore, made sure we had everything we wanted and needed. A good time was had by all at the Meet & Greet; good food, good people and some fine cars. In fact, some people were so taken by the cars and talking about them that they forgot to eat! Others came Friday night just to register for the show. Being too tired from their drive to stay, they got their registration packets and went to their room to sleep up for the next day. The 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic gets underway – Hosted for the second year by the Dairy Queen in Williams, Arizona. Saturday morning by 9:00am as some of the cars began to pull in; everything was all set and ready to roll. While the SoCalROC parking authority parked the cars as they pulled into town on Route 66, others were signing in and registering, buying T-Shirts (which we have plenty of if you want another), raffle tickets, and registering for the Poker Walk through town. Last year’s winner of the Bob Bondurant Choice Award (the Best of Show) was on display in front of the Dairy Queen; each year the Best of Show is placed on display the following year and is not Southern California Datsun Roadster Owners Club Over 160 Cars Strong November 2012 Preserving the legacy of the Datsun Roadster, one road at a time eligible for an award during that year. A special thank you goes out to Mark Duncan from Huntington Beach, CA for bringing his Sunny out for us all to enjoy once again. The city gave their blessing for us to utilize the street (Historic Route 66) for our show rather than the parking lot used last year. However, with the arrival of so many Datsuns from all over it made it challenging for some of the larger vehicles to maneuver very well. As you turned onto one particular side street it was obvious that due to the car show, trying to use this small street as a shortcut in a big rig with a VERY long trailer was going to be futile act. One particular driver thought twice about attempting this. YES, he thought twice; when he didn’t make the turn in the first try he thought he would try it a second time…. After jack-knifing his rig in these attempts, this award winning over-thinking driver ended up having to back his way down the street and around the corner so he could go around the block and get a straight shot of the street. Less than an hour later another guy decided to attempt the same task, but this genius was in a 30ft motor home towing a Buick (which color-matched the motor home). After jack-knifing his motor home and Buick earlier in a parking lot (with wife in the car and pushing her about five feet as she SRCEAMED!) he must have had something to prove because to our amazement he actually achieved his goal without touching a single Datsun. Yes, many were biting the nails, and taking pictures! These simple-minded acts just proved, that where there is a Datsun, there’s excitement! John Moore was our Guest of Honor and he picked the Best of Show, which is the Mayor’s Choice Award. He was so stumped over which car to pick, this 6 ½ foot tall cowboy donned in his Dan Post Cowboy Boots and Tom Mix hat walked the street for over an hour, scratching his head and rubbing his chin. Finally he came and asked, “How on earth do I pick just one of these? What criteria do I use in picking one?” He was told, “Whichever car you would like to have (if given the choice to pick one to own) would be your choice for the Mayor’s Choice Award!” He looked at a stock 1966 Cherry Red Roadster and said, “Then that’s my pick; been looking at it for awhile now, that’s it.” However, he was told he could not pick that car because it was the organizer's car and was for display only. Then he walked away for another look and came back half an hour later and said, “Okay, I got my car, hands down, no doubt about it!” This set us in motion for our awards ceremony and more raffles. Our raffle prizes were great this year, with some top sponsors such as Tirerack.com, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, BRE, Datsun Fairlady Roadster Parts, Mooneyes, Nissan Sport Magazine, Rockauto.com, and AutoArt. We are only mentioning some or our many sponsors that gave the opportunity for the winning raffle ticket holders to grab an awesome prize donated for our cause. The Winners of the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic were: Congratulations to our winners! Datsun Roadster Class 1st – Shannon Daugherty, New Mexico 2nd – Karen Desirello, California 3rd – Gary Lasater, Colorado Datsun 510 Class 1st – David Jones, California 2nd – Ryan Newman, Arizona 3rd – Jeff Little, Arizona Datsun Z Car Class 1st – John Williams, California 2nd – Bryan Bartlett, State unkown 3rd – R.I. Whiteman, Arizona Datsun Trucks 1st – Nathan Babitt, Arizona 2nd – Ron Dickson, Arizona 3rd – Kyle Wiener, Arizona Diamond in the Rough Best in Class – Kelly Tanis. New Mexico Datsun “Other” Special Interest 1st – Becky Childs, Arizona 2nd – Dale Herseth, Arizona 3rd – Brian Anderson, New Mexico The Iron Monkey Butt Award for driving the furthest distance to the show went to Gary Lasater who drive from Parker Colorado with his 1963 1500 Fairlady Roadster – that’s 784 miles one way. WOW! Thanks for showing up Gary, we hope you heal up well. Special Thanks to the following people, for without them this event would never have happened: Bart & Karen Desirello Ruth Thomas Peter Harrison Mike Morale Chuck Grohs Kevin & Denise Desirello Mike Anderson And everyone else that pitched in to make this a successful show. The Multi-State Datsun Classic helps support Camp Reach for the Sky with portions of proceeds from this show. Camp Reach for the Sky is an Outreach of the American Cancer Society; it is a camp for children with a cancer diagnosis. These children get to experience camp in spite of their illness. SoCalROC and NostalgicDatsun.com will continue to support Camp Reach for the Sky through their shows. Chris Breyer, the president of SoCalROC, said, “I know we put on a good show, and this makes our shows a win-win. Our Datsun owners get a chance to get together and spend that day catching up with old friends and making new ones and for some, they get to win, and these children win by getting to go to camp. For those that have been to camp, you know what an awesome experience it can be for a child. Therefore, we hope that this great Datsun community continues to support these shows.” See you next year! Pictures of the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic can be viewed at www.nostalgicdatsun.com Is Cancelled!!! Due to the cost of putting an event like this on versus the expressed interest and lack of pre-registered participants, we decided to cancel the Show-&-Shine Toy Drive for this year. However we will still be gathering toys for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. SoCalROC has teamed up with the Inland Empire Classic Datsun/JDM Meet for a Toy Drive. The Inland Empire Classic Datsun Meet meets the third Saturday of each month at 12840 Day Street in Moreno Valley behind Portillos Hot Dogs from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. There is no cost to join in the meet; just come on out with your Datsun. If you don’t have a Datsun, come on out anyway, bring a toy and enjoy the Classic Datsuns! Everyone can bring a toy! ================= The Holiday Season is just around the corner – Then we wait for Spring and begin our Roadster preparation for the 26th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic There are some new things in store for this upcoming show that you’re not going to want to miss. The 26th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic is April 26-27, 2013. Registration for this event would make a great holiday gift. Now you can register in time for the holidays and give that special someone a great stocking stuffer: a pre-registration gift certificate which entitles the person named on the certificate to paid registration. All you will have to do beginning Thursday November 15, 2012 is to log onto http://www.solvangroadstershow.com, click on “Gift Certificate,” fill out the information and pay for the registration. You will receive the Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic Registration Certificate in your email or through the U.S. Postal Service in time for the holidays. You can print it out and stuff it in a stocking or frame it and wrap it up. Or, you might just want to register for the show as a gift for yourself. If this is the case, then you just click on “Registration” and get ready for a great time at the 26th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic. Datsuns from all over the southland come out for this meet Always a great time! Come Join us November 17 – 5:00pm And Bring a Toy! Fun Runs, Shows & Happenings Event dates in RED are events SoCalROC are involved in November 2 – Buena Park- Classic Car Fridays Elks Lodge 7212 Melrose St. - 4PM - 8PM http://www.socalcarculture.com/Images/CruiseNight_Friday_ClassicCarFridays.pdf November 3 – Burbank - Bob's Big Boy Trophy Night – 4211 W. Riverside Dr. - 5PM http://www.socalcarculture.com/Images/CruiseNight_Saturday_Bobs_Burbank.pdf November 3 – Huntington Beach - Donut Derelicts - Magnolia & Adams - 6AM - 9AM November 4 – Daylight Saving Time Ends! Fall Back (Turn Clocks Back One Hour) November 4 – Marina Del Rey - Million Dollar Breakfast Club - Starbuck's 4700 Admiralty Way 7AM - 10AM http://www.socalcarculture.com/Images/CruiseNight_Sunday_MarinaDelRey.pdf November 4 – Santa Clarita – Creekside Classic Cars & Coffee-19185 Golden Valley Rd. 7AM-10AM http://www.socalcarculture.com/Images/CruiseNight_Sunday_CreeksideClassic.pdf November 7 – Pomona - Twilight Cruise Night NHRA Museum 1101 W. McKinley Ave.4PM-8PM http://museum.nhra.com/cruise.asp November 10&11 – El Mirage - SCTA Land Speed Racing - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed http://www.scta-bni.org/events.html November 10 – Oxnard - Mullin Automotive Museum - 1421 Emerson Ave. - 10AM - 3PM http://www.mullinautomotivemuseum.com November 15–17 – Anaheim - Mecum Auctions Muscle Cars & More - Anaheim Convention Center http://www.mecum.com/auctions/top_picks.cfm?AUCTION_ID=AN1112 November 17 – Moreno Valley – Inland Empire Classic Datsun/JDM Meet Day Street and Gateway Drive – Parking Lot behind Portillos Hot Dogs - 5:pm to 10:pm Third Saturday of every month http://community.ratsun.net/topic/10888-inland-empire-classic-datsun-jdm-meet http://www.socalroc.net November 16–18 – Palm Springs -McCormick's Collector Car Auction-401 E. Amado Rd http://www.classic-carauction.com/auction_info.cfm November 22 – Registration Opens for the 26th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic http://www.solvangroadstershow.com-http://www.solvangshow.com November 23–25 – Las Vegas, NV Motor Trend International Auto Show- 3150 Paradise Rd – Las Vegas http://www.motortrendautoshows.com/lasvegas/generalinfo.jsp November 30 – Los Angeles - LA Auto Show Los Angeles Convention Center http://www.laautoshow.com December 2 – Yorba Linda - 15th John Force Holiday Car Show-22722 Old Canal Rd.-10AM- 4PM http://www.socalcarculture.com/Images/120212JohnForceHolidayShow.pdf Award Winning Modification & Restoration Specialist Kevin Desirello (951) 529-2961 Kevin@nostalgicdatsun.com www.krdroadsters.com Parts · Service · Restorations · Modifications Roadster Ramblings is the on-line newsletter produced for members of the Southern California Roadster Owners Club (SoCalROC). Any views expressed in this on-line publication are not necessarily the views of SoCalROC and its members as a whole. The intent of this on-line publication is to draw attention to our club and its members and to make everyone aware of activities some or all of SoCalROC’s members may be interested in. Is there something you have written that you wish to share with others? This Newsletter is open for submission from. In making submissions to this on-line publication, send them in an email to: chris@socalroc.net. SoCalROC President and Roadster Ramblings Editor: Chris Breyer, Co-Editor: Nancy Person, Associate Directors: Kevin Desirello & Erik Dickson Buy SoCalROC items at: http://www.cafepress.com/roadster Items for sale on the www.cafepress.com/roadster website are no more then .25 to .50 over the cost of the item. The idea is not to make money but to encourage SoCalROC members to purchase the items to help promote the club.

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